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: Data is not syncing with device.
: CellicaTeam July 19, 2012, 11:39:18 PM
1.   If you are using USER DSN or Network Mapped driver or network resources, then you should change the "Synchronization Settings" available in Preference module of Desktop application to "Start as Application".

2.  Send logs from both desktop and device to
      a. Desktop Logs:  Zip logs folder from the following path and send it to support.
          1.  Internet version: "C:\Program Files\Wireless Database Viewer Plus\Desktop Files\Logs".
          2.  Wi-Fi Version:  "C:\Program Files\Cellica Database (Wi-Fi)\Desktop Files\Logs\"
          3.  Anywhere Version: "C:\Program Files\Cellica Database Anywhere Enterprise Edition\Desktop Files\Logs\"
      b. Send log from device using "Send Log" menu available on home screen of Cellica Database.