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I have found a few functions that appear to be missing when creating forms from an Access database. If these features are not available perhaps they could be considered for future versions.
1) I would like to be able to access a form directly through an Android shortcut.
2) Under formula there does not appear to be a feature that would allow the difference between two dates to be enterred in a label or textbox (such as calculating the age of a person from their birthdate).
3) Under the button phone number is it possible to use a caption such as "Cell" instead of the actual phone number?
4) I would like to add a bound image. A column in my original database has a filename (without folder) to a photo. I would like to use this by manually copying this image file to my Android and having it accessed through Cellica DB. I am not sure if Image/Signature will do this.
Thank you.

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