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9 Oct 2013
Version 6.5.1
New Features:
- Allow to add second with DateTime control for Time value on Form, Form Grid, Profile Grid.

Fixed issues related with:
- Search bar text is not displayed when we reopen Search form in iOS 7.
22 Sep 2013
Version 6.5.0
New Features:
- Added Support for iOS 7.

14 Sep 2013
Version 6.0.2

New Features:
- Set relationship between main form and subform using "Relationship" property of subform control.
- If no record is present in Main form profile on main form then display message "Related record is not present on main form!" on new action of subform.
- Allow to perform simultaneous record operation on main form and subform.
- Multiple field mapping with "Go To Form" button.
- Supported "Lookup View Column" in Lookup Mapping.
- Supported new "Content Type" UUID for TextBox .
- New property "URL Prefix" for "Go To URL" action button & TextBox control.
- "Mode" property for "Find" Button with options Default and Barcode Scan.
- Display message if any or both location coordinates are absent when user taps on "Go To Map" button.
- Display DeviceID in TextBox on Edit Action for DeviceID Content Type.
- Handled Word Wrap on CheckBox & Radio control.

Fixed issues related with:
- NumberFormat in Form DesignView button action not working properly.
- Auto-number not generated proper if special character is present in column name.
- "Hide Characters" content type TextBox control not working properly with "New" mode.
- "Go to Home" button not displayed on jumped form, if jumped on form in Search mode.
30 July 2013
Version 6.0.1

New Features:
- Added support for "Rich Text" by adding new "Content Type" to "TextBox" control.

Fixed issue related with:
- On Edit action record status message displayed two times
22 July 2013
Version 6.0

Fixed issues related with:
- Application crash while opening profile or form in update 5.7.8
22 July 2013
Version 5.7.8

New Features:
- Added "Help" accessible from More Options Menu.
- Handled Grid control column properties (Set Column Width, TextColor & TextAlignment) on form, subform & Profile grid.
- Displayed Number Keypad for (unsigned long, unsigned short, unsigned byte) fields and Decimal Keypad for (float, double) fields.
- On New Button Action set LookupMapping Data to respective target controls.
- Open LookupMapping List on TextBox, Location & Formula control get Tapped.
- On Jumped form If No Records Matched then allow to
a) display empty record view on jumped form.
b) display all record on jumped form.
- Populated the control values in for mapped column on jumped form.

Fixed issues related with:
- Backspace not updated with text of grid textbox.
- Handled Formula with Large Formula string.
- If ColumnData is empty and it used in formula then formula result shows garbage value.
- Time datatype value if edited then not worked properly.

30 May 2013
Version 5.7.7

Supported Print on forms using a button with "Print" action.
13 May 2013
Version 5.7.6
- Allowed characters like '(', ')', '+', '-', ',' for phone number with Phone Call button.
- Fixed issues related with application crash for New/Edit mode, on accessing list of ComboBox with empty valued list.


3 May 2013
Version 5.7.5

New Features:
- Handled Textview vertical center alignment on forms.
- Added option "Clear Log" on Home Screen's "More options" menu.

Fixed issues related with:
- Changed Grid Column Width using pinch gesture or using width change slider, not displayed on reopening of Form, SubForm and Search Result.
24 April 2013
Version 5.7.4

New Features:
- Navigate through records on form and subform with finger Swipe in addition to navigation buttons.
- Supported word wrapping for Label.

Fixed issues related with:
- Combobox, DateTime control's values not update on subform while add/update record.
- RadioButton group name contains single quote.

17 April 2013
Version 5.7.3
Fixed issues related with:
- In Navigation mode Formula control formula not get executed.
- If Formula Control used in formula of other Formula control then it is not working in Navigation mode.


11 Apr 2013
Version 5.7.2

- Added new options for button with "Print" Action, 1. Print to printer, 2. Send To Mail ( in PDF format)
- Select multiple tabs to be added in pdf for capture screenshot button on form.
- Option for Send Unsynced Records as CSV on Search Result Of Form.
- scale content of  UnboundImage/Logo control using finger pinch/zoom.
- Pinch/zoom DetailView of Image/Signature and UnboundImage/Logo control using finger pinch.
- Allowed to navigate records in DetailView of Image/Signature and UnboundImage/Logo Control.
- Supported Manual Sync menu on each form.
- Allow to display matched lookup value in Navigation Mode in unmapped control (with no DataColumn mapped).
- supported border for TextBox control
- Align Data in grid according to datatype.

Fixed issues related with:
 - TextBox control with URL content type get crashed on sub form for edit action.
- Problem with combo box with Lookup mapping used on sub form.‬

21 Mar 2013
Version 5.7.1
Features Added:
-   Added option for Sync on Start-up Form.
-   Handled confirmation flag setting while saving record on profile view.
-   Refresh control data on sub form for other sub form Save Record with (New, Edit & Copy Record Action) of same profile.
-   Added new option “Search Mode” in preferences, if set to “QR Code” then Opens barcode scanner “on Find Action otherwise

opens default search view.
Fixed issues related with:
- Handled save record alert on close form action when record is in new/edit mode on main form.
1 Mar 2013
Version 5.7.0
 Features Added:
-   Allowed to set currency formatting for double value on form’s design view.
-   Supported “AutoUpdate” property for location control.
-   Supported “Show Border” property for container, unbound image and sub form control.
-   Supported “Navigation” property for combobox and datetime control.
-   Supported new content type “Web URL” for textbox control.
-   Supported “region” of location services in location control.
- Added following feature location services on Location Control
   - Heading, Altitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Vertical Accuracy.
- Supported "DesignView" button Action on SubForm.
- Fetch data from other profile and populate controls on current form using "Lookup Condition" property of Textbox, Combobox,

DateTime, Checkbox, Location, Formula etc.
- Add "Design View"  Button Action. Use "Design View" to control Decimal Places of Float Value on Form.
- Added "Go" Button on Jumped form to select Back( Previous Form)/Home screen.
- Supported "Line Chart" on Form, Search Result and SubForm.
- Supported use of following options with content Location and TextBox control (supported iOS 5.0 and Later
   1) Display Address from Location in column data.
   2) Display Location from Address in column data.
   3) Show On Map location on map from column  data.
   4) Get Address from Map and populate control with this value.
   5) Get Location from Map and populate control with this value

Fixed issues related with:
- Allow to copy value of TextBox Control in Navigation mode.
- Allow to Jump Form without mapping column.
- Supported adding "New Line/Carriage Return" in Textbox control  on Form and Subform.
- Added Content Type "URL" for TextBox Control to allow viewing content of URL in column data.
- Application crash while using Unbound image control
11 Dec 2012
Version 5.6.6

Features Added:
- TextAlignment and Word Wrapping to Button Caption of form, sub for & search result.
 - Added ComboBoxRuntime View for ComboBox Source Type having "Lookup"
- Prompt for application password ( if set) when application resumed when it is running in background.

 Fixed issue related with:
- Form not get opened if related profile is empty.
- Password and GotoRecord dialog not display at proper positions.
28 Nov 2012
Version 5.6.5
Featured Added:
 - Supported scanning QR Code while adding/updating record for grid control on form and sub form.
 - Supported Graphs on Search Results and on SubForm.

Fixed issue related with Search Options - Search Within Fields not working properly.
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