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Date : 28 Nov 2013


Admin : (Build 271113A)
SyncService : (Build  221113A)

Fixed folowing issues:
  - issue iwth Form/Report password for deleted Form/Reporte.
  - If we changed Access permission in AddOrRemove User then profile password not send to device.

Date : 27 Nov 2013


Admin : (Build 271113A)
SyncService : (Build  221113A)

 -  Allow to use global variable for matching fields ( In source field for GoToForm)
 - Resolve the issue of ODBC Error: Shows Garbage data and due to this sometimes app crash
Date : 25 Nov 2013

Admin : (Build 251113A)
SyncService : (Build  221113A)

    a) allowed following function in all string functions as per datatype value allowed in its parameter.
      - NOW()
      - AddDate()
      - SubstractDate()
      - AddTime()
      - SubstractTime()
      - ConvertToTimeString()
      - StringToDate()
      - StringToTime()       
      - StringToDateTime()

    b) allowed Global Variable in all String  and datetime function, as per datatype value allowed in its parameter.
Date : 22 Nov 2013
Admin : (Build 221113A)
SyncService : (Build  221113A)

    - On Profile Manager, If SyncService is Stopped, then allow user to start it from the message dialog.
    - Resolved issue of Profile Password Not synced with device after profile Edit.
    - Installer Upgrade Change, to show Previous Installed DesktopName in UserID Field if old installation exist and allow it editable.

Date : 21 Nov 2013

Admin : (Build 211113A)
SyncService : (Build  201113A)

Fixed following issues:
    - Column contains another column name in macro.
    - Datatype mismatch after adding filters to profile.
    - On custom filter dialog. SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP column value not validated properly.                           
Date : 20 Nov 2013
Version(6.0) : Wi-Fi

Admin : (Build 201113A)
SyncService : (Build  201113A)

    - Supports Global Variables ( Macro).
    - New "Sync" action for Button Control.
    - Added New Property "Email ID" to "Send Record" action for Button control.
    - Added support for New Device Model and its resolution
      1)LG Nexus 5
        1080x1920 PPI:445
      2)LG G Flex
        720x1280 PPI:245
      3)Verizon Wireless Ellipsis 7
        800x1280 PPI:216
      4)HTC One max
        1080x1920 PPI:373
      5)Samsung Galaxy Light
        480x800 PPI:233
      6)Samsung Galaxy Round
        1080x1920 PPI:386
      7)LG G Pro Lite
        540x960 PPI:200
      8)Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7
        1200x1920 PPI:323
      9)ZTE Supreme
        720x1280 PPI:294
     10)Asus Transformer Book Trio
        1080x1920 PPI:190
     11)Asus Fonepad 7
        800x1280 PPI:216
     12)Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
        1600x2560 PPI:339
     13)Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2013
        800x1280 PPI:216
     14)Micromax A116 Canvas HD
        720x1280 PPI:294
     15)Micromax Canvas 4 A210
        720x1280 PPI:294

    - Fixed issue of form and report password is not assigned to newly added form/report users after assigning password.

Date : 25 Oct 2013

Admin : (Build 251013A)
SyncService : (Build  241013A)

    - supported new function in macro 
     - IsNavigation()
     - IsNewRecord()
     - IsEditRecord()
     - IsEmpty($ColumnName/[ControlName])
   - New peoprty "Image source type" for container control if content Type is image.
   - Allowed "Send Record" action for Button control( Android).
   - Copy value list of ComboBox Control in Copy-Paste operation. 
   - Fixed issue of signature and pdf content type not send to device if form is edited.

Date : 18 Oct 2013

Admin : (Build 181013A)
SyncService : (Build 151013A)

    - Added support of event for Container Control.(OnChange, OnDelete, OnCapture.)
    - New form rendering logic.
    - New Function/Command in Macro
      - Device ID
      - Location(flag)

Date : 16 Sept 2013

Admin : (Build 160913A)
SyncService : (Build 160913A)

 - Added support for ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 device .
 - Saved last sort order on Profile, Form and Report manager. ( Desktop)
 - Added support for Windows_RT device Type.

Date : 12 Sept 2013

Admin : (Build 120913A).
SyncService : (Build 120913A).

    - Added new command, "PrinInWords()" for bluetooth printers.
    - Supports use of Lookup property on reports.
    - Displayed form and Report names where the profile is used as lookup profile while removing the profile .
    - Removed the restriction of presence of a form for user while using "Go TO Form" button.


Date : 29 Aug 2013


Admin : (Build 290813A).
SyncService : (Build 290813A).
    - Confirmation before removing macro using "Remove Macro" button., removing All Command using "Remove All Command"
      button, removing selected command using "Remove command" button.
    - Provided "select all" option on "Export Form" dialog on Form Manager.
    - Made it compulsory to export all form while removing profile

Date :  27 Aug 2013.

Desktop: (Build 270813A).
SyncService : (Build 270813A).

New Features:
- Optimized time for simultaneous multiuser synchronization scenario.
- Added new control "ListBox". Allows Single as well as Multiple selection of options from provided values.
- Allow to specify relationship ( one to many/ one to one) between main form and subform using new "Relationship" property of "SubForm" control.
- Added new property "Visible" for Form to control form's visibility in formlist on device.
- Allowed to use "Subform" control for "Show/hide" Property in Macro.
- New "Content Type" for "Text Box" control,  "UUID" for generating "Unique Universal Identifier" for mapped "DataColumn" on device.
- Support for using "Date" function in profile query while using filter ( NOW(): TimeStamp/DATE():Current Date/TIME():CurrentTime).
- Added support for "Print using Mobile Printer" like "BIXOLON" printer using "Print" button. ( Android OS only)
- Customize application name and icon shown on top of "Cellica Database" desktop application by using "Application Settings" option in "Preferences".
- Allow to use last database connection while adding new profile.( Use Check Box confirmation for using previous database connection on "Database Connection Page" ).

Fixed issues related with:

- SQL Server Date Field Overflow issue.
- Resolved issue of SQL Server "smalldatetime" datatype for syncing record from device to desktop,
  i) If date is 30-12-1899 in TimeStamp for SQL Server then set default date "01-01-1900".
  ii) If precision of datetime is less/equal to 16 for SQL Server then set second & fraction to zero.
- If "Reset User->Edit Form & Report->Sync From Device", in this case form and report is duplicated on device.
- Added validation for mapping primary key column if new button is placed on form and Subform.
Date : 02 Aug 2013.


Admin : (Build 020813A(S)).
SyncService : (Build 260713A).

   - Supported string functions in macro.
   - Fixed a issue of Profile updates are not synced in after application is upgraded to latest version.


Date : 26 July 2013.


Admin : (Build 260713A).
SyncService : (Build 260713A).

   - Supported new ContentType, "Rich Text" to textbox control.
   - Fixed minor bugs in device to desktop synchronization.

Date : 09 July 2013


Admin : (Build 080713A).
SyncService : (Build 080713A).

   - Supported Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 10 device model resolutions.

Date : 08 July 2013


Admin : (Build 080713A).
SyncService : (Build 080713A).

   - Improvement in synchronization speed by syncing specific profiles as requested by device



Date : 02 July 2013


Admin : (Build 020713A).
SyncService : (Build 280613A).

    - Supported adding logo files from desktop.
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