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21 Nov 2013
Version: 2.0.1 (Build: 211113A/B) (75/76)

- Supports "Button" control for "Sync" action with options 1) Complete Sync 2) Current Profile Sync (All applied profiles on form including lookup mapping profile of controls)

- Supports "Button" control with "Send Record" action.( Mail current record to specified EmailID).

- Refine lookup list of data controls with Contains feature as user type in few characters.

- Supports Global Variable to use with Macro. ( SOHO/Enterprise Edition)

- Allow to add/update/delete record while background syncing is in progress.
30 Oct 2013
Version 2.0, Build 301013A/B

Added Feature
- Supported ImageSource property of container control. Following image source types supported,
    1) Both 2) Camera 3) Gallary.

- Handled Macro events on Container control
 1) On Change 2) On Delete

- Supported following functions in macro skip command
 1) IsNavigation() - To check navigation is current operation mode on form in If Condition.
 2) IsEditRecord() - To check edit record is current operation mode on form in If Condition.
 3) IsNewRecord()  - To check new record is current operation mode on form in If Condition.
 4) IsEmpty(DataColumn/Control) - Allowed Image column/control to check for empty value in If Condition.

- Supported SetDeviceID macro command to set device id to target control or column.
- Supported SetLocation macro command with following location type to target control or column.
  Latitude, Logitude, Latitude/Longitude, Heading, Region, Altitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Vertical Accuracy.


23 Oct 2013
Version 2.0, Build 231013A/B

-- Fixed issue related with
1) For Personal Edition, alignment of controls on form with new scale factor does not displayed properly.
2) Bluetooth printing issue with Jelly Bean devices.


21 Oct 2013
Version 2.0, Build:211013A/B

Added Feature:
1. align Control In Form according to New Form ScaleFactors received from desktop.
2. Supports "SendRecord" button.
3. Add two option to use as email id and use as body for send email and send sms.

Resolved problem
1. If set sort to two column then lastly added column sort work only.
26 Sep 2013
Version 2.0 Build(63/64)(Build 260913A/B)

Added Feature:
1. align Control In Form according to New Form Scale Factors received from desktop.
2. Support "Send Record" button.
3. Added two option for "Send Email" and "Send sms" buttons( to use as sender and to use as body for message).

Resolved problem
1. If two sort columns are specified then only last added column sort work


06 Sep 2013
Version 2.0 Build(63/64)(Build 060913A/B)

Check if the form is exist or not before the opening the form using "Jump to Form" button.

Resolved an issue related with, If we jump another form then sometimes it shows "No match found" message.


03 Sep 2013
Version 2.0 Build(61/62)(Build 030913A/B)

Added Feature:

- Add option "Instant Barcode Scan" in Preferences and handled following cases with "Instant Barcode Scan" is set to ON,

Resolved an issue with comparing empty date and date time values in macro.( SOHO\Enterprise Edition)
27 Aug 2013
Version 2.0 Build(59/60)(Build 260813A/B)

Added Feature.
- Added support for new ListBox Control on Form. Supports Single or Multi-Selection of values from value list.
- Added "Visible" property for Form. Display/Hide a form in FormList on Forms tab.
- Set relationship between main form and subform using "Relationship" property of subform control.
Supported Relationships : 1) One to many 2) One to one.
- Display message if any or both location coordinates are absent when user taps on "Go To Map" button.
- Allowed simultaneous editing of records on main form nad sub form.
- Supported Word Wrap for CheckBox, Combo box, DateTime & Radio control.
- Allow to rotate image while taking image from camera or gallery.
- New "Content Type" for "Text Box" control,  "UUID" for generating "Unique Universal Identifier" for mapped "DataColumn" on device.
- Added support for "Print using Mobile Printer" like "BIXOLON" printer using "Print" button.
Fixed an issue related with "ReadOnly" property of DateTime control not working.
05 Aug 2013
Version 2.0 Build(57/58)(Build 050813A/B)

Fixed issue related with if a Combobox control is present at the end of the form then selecting value in combobox list moves focus to the first control on form.
02 Aug 2013
Version 2.0 Build(55/56)(Build 020813A/B)

New Feature:
Added support for string functions in macro.

26 July 2013
Version 2.0 Build(53/54)(Build 260713A/B)

New Feature:
Added support for new "Content Type", "RichText" to "Textbox" control for displaying formatted strings with html tags.

19 July 2013
Version 2.0 Build(51/52)(Build 190713A/B)

New Features:
- Added Support for creating custom Reports.
- Add help menu.
- Synchronize only form specific profiles data when synchronized using "Sync" menu on current form.
- Support for logo files transferred from desktop in Container control.
- While using "Go To Form" feature, If no matched record is found then asked confirmation for displaying all records in profiles by 'show All Records' button
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