Author Topic: Update Description of Cellica Database for iPhone ( Version > 6.5.1)  (Read 1581 times)


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June 20, 2014

Version: 6.6.2

New Features:
- Supported following options on "Send Email" button action.
      a) Use as a email id.  b) Use as a body.
- Supported following options on "Send SMS" button action.  ( This action used on iPhone Only ) 
      a) Use as a number  b) Use as a body.
Fixed issue related with:
- Update subform grid record on next button action of main form after cancel edit grid action.

June 03, 2014

Version: 6.6.1

New Features:
- Handled scaling for decimal number field as per the field scale set at the time of database design.

May 09, 2014

Version: 6.6.0
Fixed Issue related with:
- Set form height scrollable up to device keyboard get displayed.
- Record contents are not allowed to copy on profile's single record view if field characters less than 20.
- With lookup mapping If LookupViewColumn is empty then lookup column value not set to current control.
- Don't set lookup value according lookup mapping to control when new action performed on form.
- If no records on form then donít allow to edit the record.
- Update jumped form record when new record is saved in manual sync.

May 04, 2014
Version 6.5.9

- Added validations for field data size as per the field size set at the time of database design.
Apr 06, 2014
Version 6.5.8

Fixed issue related with refreshing Control content after performing search operation withing specific column on form.


Mar 19, 2014
Version 6.5.7

New Features:

- Open the QRCode Reader instantly  When user Tap On TextBox Control with Content Type set to "QRCode". On successful scan close the QRCode scanner and return to the form.
- Don't allow to Synchronize newly added record On SubForm if related MainForm Record is not submitted to desktop database successfully.(Displayed message according to sync status of main form record.)
- Added feature to control Instant Auto sync operation on record update on device in Auto Sync mode (Added in device preferences within auto sync interval menu)
  a) If set to on then back sync the record instantly on record operation on profile or form.
  b) If set to off then back sync records when auto sync interval triggers the sync.

Fixed Issues related with:

- Shows two forms with same form name.
- Following action button shows value of DataColumn as Caption on device.
  1)GoToURL 2)Phone Call 3)Send SMS 4)Send Email
Mar 06, 2014
Version 6.5.6

New Features:-

Updated Date and Time input control,
- For Date, allow to set Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow.
- For Time allow to set Current time.
- Allow to clear Date & Time Value.

Fixed Issue related with:
- In Navigation mode on MainForm, hide cancel button on save record of SubForm.
- Crash if device orientation changes on form with grid control.
- "Go to Form" button  used with Startup form not work properly.

Jan 21, 2014
Version 6.5.5

New features:

- Align form controls according to the new form rendering logic for precise placement.
- Supported multiple lookup condition for ComboBox control.
- Supported following functions to use as condition value with multiple lookup condition for ComboBox control.
  1) Now - use current date time in condition value.
  2) DeviceID - use device id in condition value.
  3) Date - use current time in condition value. (Supported with equal to and not equal to operators)
  4) Time - use current time in condition value. (Supported with equal to and not equal to operators)
- Supports "Button" control with "Sync" action for performing complete sync on form.
- Supported "Button" control for "Send Record" action button. (Mail current record to specified EmailID).
- Don't show deleted record value in lookup mapping list of control and ComboBox lookup profile list.
 Dec 31 , 2013
Version 6.5.4

- Display value in lookup list of ComboBox control with search text as containing term in text of list for New, Edit & Navigation mode .
- Validate Number Data On SaveRecord, If not valid the show Message "Failed Number Validation".
- Set mapped column data of GotoForm with New button action for less than equal to or greater than equal to  operators.
- Supported Date Formats "yy-mm-dd" and "yyyy-mm-dd" for DateTime control in "Prefrences" module of device.
Fixed issues related with:
- Column Name Used In Formula Which not available.
- Sql Aggregate functions for case sensitivity with multiple Aggregate functions used in formula.
- Autoresize of form tab on jumped form. (iPad only)
- Don't Show AutoSync message when FormMode is Add Or Edit. (Set auto sync interval minimum 5 mins or above).

Nov 22, 2013
Version 6.5.3

- Display maximum possible records in Popover view in navigation mode for ComboBox & DateTime Control.
- Display maximum possible records in Popover view in navigation mode for LookupMapping Control.
Nov 5, 2013
Version 6.5.2

New Features:

- Display ComboBox values List & DateTime values List in navigation mode and Lookup Mapping Values List in new Popover view.
- Supported restore record with following cases in Backup Manager module.
 1. If backup record is not present in original profile then add with new record in a original profile.
 2. If no profile found then show profile list to restore record.
 3. Added single or all backup record restore options.
 4. If backed up record is updated record then restore it as edit record in original profile.
 5. If backed up record is new record then restore it as new record in original profile.

- Fixed issues related with
- "Search Whole Word" option on "Find" button action not display result starting with "search text".
- Issue with calculating aggregate function values in formula control if table name contains column name in it ( for example, ColumnName : Value, Table Name:OrderValue)
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