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1 Aug 2014
Version: 4.2.2 Build: 010814A

New Features:
- Advance search functionality.
- Date format to text box control on report.

Fixed issues:
- White text color show of detail view on searched record in profile view.
- Auto number not generated on grid while using copy record.

23 July 2014
Version: 4.2.1 Build: 230714A

Fixed issue:
- Update record requests not processed properly for a trigger base profile from desktop to device.

16 July 2014
Version: 4.1.9 Build: 160714A

Fixed issues:
- Problem while adding a record if New record contain a column with null integer value.
14 July 2014
Version: 4.1.8 Build: 140714A

Fixed Issues:
- Handle exceptions on container control.
- Combo Box alignment always show centered text.
10 July 2014
Version: 4.1.7 Build: 100714A

Fixed issue:
- Problem to open sync interval dialog in settings.

9 July 2014
Version 4.1.6 Build: 090714A

New Features:
- No need to set desktop name or edition on device while using for enterprise deployment.
27 June 2014

Version: 4.1.5 Build: 270614A (103)

Added Feature:
- In "Allow Edit" mode of combo box, change the mode of data input.

Resolved Problem:
- Issue on jumped form if single record and that record is updated so that it does not satisfy GoToForm condition
- On jumped form record numbers are not updated in FormTitle
- On Lookup Column ListBox show Done and Close button instead of menu.

24 June 2014

Version: 4.1.4 Build: 240614A (102)

Added Feature:
- Image editor for container control
Resolved Problem
- On Goto form , add unmatched record then added record id show larger than total number on titlebar.

18 June 2014

Version: 4.1.3 Build: 180614A (101)

Resolved Problem:
- ComboBox with Lookup Profile on Subform need to tap twice for opening Lookup list.
- On Form, Single Unsynced Record is not shown while using "Find Unsynced Records" option.
- On Subform DateTime list for navigation does not appear.

06 June 2014

Version: 4.1.1 Build: 060614A (100)

Resolved Problem:
If no profile is present for the form then such forms are not removed from device after user reset.

21 Mar 2014
Version: 3.0.8 Build: 210314B ( 94)
Fixed the issues related with:
- On SubReport while using Lookup Property, value is not get assigned to Targeted Location and ListBox control
- For ListBox control, if Filter Value is entered then it searches in all LookupColumn list instead of records that satisfy LookupCondition
19 Mar 2014
Version 3.0.7 Build:190314B (93)
Fixed the issues related with:
- Changing the rotation of device while using signature panel clears the existing signature.

18 Mar 2014
Version 3.0.6 Build 180314B (92)
New Features:
- Find unsynced record on form and profile, using menu 'Find Unsynced Record'.
- Improved show on map functionality.
- Added feature to control Instant Auto sync operation on record update on device in Auto Sync mode (Added in device preferences within auto sync interval menu)
 a) If set to on then back sync the record instantly on record operation on profile or form.
 b) If set to off then back sync records when auto sync interval triggers the sync.
- Supported vertical text alignment to TextBox & Label controls . ( Top, Centre, Bottom )
- Supported Lookup property for ListBox control (with multiple view column)
- Supported to use global variable as master field of main form mapped to sub form.(SOHO/Enterprise Edition)
 - Don't allow to Synchronize newly added record On SubForm if related MainForm Record is not submitted to desktop database successfully.(Displayed message according to sync status of main form record.)
- Support  sync authentication mode, mode1 connect with https and mode2 connect with http to relay node.
- Support menu 'Show Record Status' on form.

Fixed the issues related with:
- Profile Sort for sub form not working.
- Form crash on android OS3.0
- If profile has only one record then deleting the record on form not refresh the form to show 0 records.
- Hide the default display of keyboard on combobox control.
- On Reports, Value is not set to target control on main report while using lookup mapping. (SOHO/Enterprise Edition)
- Searching number values in Lookup combobox.
- Show minimum record value in table for Y-Axis of bar graph.
- Following action button shows value of DataColumn as Caption on device.
1)GoToURL 2)Phone Call 3)Send SMS 4)Send Email 
05 Feb 2014
Version: 3.0.4 Build: 050214B (90)

Fixed the issues related with:
Macro Related Issue:
- In edit mode, If  data column is not mapped to a control then problem in macro skip condition to get value of these data columns.
- Problem on assign value to mapped data column of rich text box.
- Problem on execute lost focus macro of rich text box.
- If change value of lookup mapping column then target value not set immediately.
- If empty lookup view column name set on desktop then empty value show in a control.
- Clear all unmapped control value in new/edit mode.

21 Jan 2014
Version: 3.0.3 Build: 200114B (89)

New Features:
- In new/edit mode click signature control to directly open signature panel

15 Jan 2014
Version: 3.0.2 Build: 150114A/B (87/88)

Added Feature:
- Supported PDFName property on Report button action. (PdfName could be default value, fixed value, column name, control name or global variable)
- Supported CloseForm property on "Go To Form" button action, If set True then close previous source form.
- Allow case insensitive to go to form column mapping, lookup mapping of all controls,  lookup condition, another lookup of combo box.
- Don't show deleted record list in lookup mapping, lookup condition and another lookup.


03 Jan 2014
Version: 3.0.1 (Build:030114A/B)(85/86)

New Features:
- Supports tab event.
- Show un-synced record on profile and form list.

Fixed the issues related with:
- If string function Replace() contain dot '.' then all string replaces to empty.
- Problem on grid focus when form contain two grid.
- If set look up to two combo box and set target value to one to another lead to crash.
12 Dec 2013
Version: 3.0.0 (Build: 121213A/B) (83/84)

Resolved Problem:
-  In edit mode,  assign value to  unmapped data column from macro.


10 Dec 2013
Version: 2.0.4 (Build: 101213A/B)(81/82)

New Features:
- Supported "Global Variable" to use with string & datetime function. ( SOHO/Enterprise Edition)
- Supported "Global Variable" to use with "GoToForm" button action in "SourceField".( SOHO/Enterprise Edition)
- Supported datetime functions to use within string functions.( SOHO/Enterprise Edition)
- Supported Date Format "yyyy-mm-dd" for DateTime control if set from device "Preferences".
- Display lookup mapping value list of data controls with contains feature as user type in few characters.

Fixed the issues related with:
1. Logo property of unbound image control not working with Personal Edition.
03 Dec 2013
Version: 2.0.3 (Build:031213A/B) (79/80)

Updated following messages while synchronization,
1. "Desktop not found" : Get Error_No_Desktop from desktop.
2. "Desktop not available" : Get message from desktop while connecting to server.
3. ""Synchronization Server" has been stopped. Please restart it by using "Start Synchronization" button available in "Preferences" module of Cellica Database desktop application." : Get Disconnected from desktop.
4. Problem with network, Please check internet on your device.": For internet connection problem.
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