Author Topic: iPad to Filemaker 10 - Can't create new records on iPad  (Read 4745 times)


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iPad to Filemaker 10 - Can't create new records on iPad
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:25:27 AM »
So I've managed to set up my iPad Mini to access my filemaker data on the move. Only problem is, I can't create new records from the iPad app. When ever I do, and sync them, it doesn't add them to Filemaker. If I change a record, that works.

For background info, this is the simple database I have. I use it for stock of parts for printer repairs. I have several parts in different locations, ie on the shelve, lent to another engineer, in the car etc. They can also owned by different suppliers who have sent a number of parts out to fix a fault, but not all were use. Need this defined so I know what i have to send them back.

Table 1:

Part number
Part Description
Total Qty (Calculation based on the next table)

Table 2

Part Number - Linked to table 1 Part Number
Part Desciption
Part Location

That is how it is set up in filemaker. In the form build, I used Table one as starting point, and then inserted, well, I can't remember the terminology, but in Filemaker it is called portal, so one of them to find all the records from table 2 that has the same data in Part Number.


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Re: iPad to Filemaker 10 - Can't create new records on iPad
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2014, 08:21:42 AM »
Please zip and mail us latest 3-4 dated folders in "Logs" folder from installation path of Cellica Database desktop software on your computer.

Also mail us logs from your device using "Send Logs" option in menu on Home Screen of Cellica Database device application.

You can check the record status of newly added record on device by tapping on "Edit" button on form. Or open the profile for form and select the record in red color, in menu you will get option to View Record Status. This will give you clear idea about the ODBC error occurred while adding record in your database.