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Date : 29 March 2016

Version: 4.5.0: (Build 290316A)

   - Change Application Version.

Date : 17 March 2016

Version:4.4.6 (Build 170316A)

    - Allow to handle specific record data request from device application.
    - Added support for SOCKS5 Proxy Server.


Date : 15 Jan 2016
Version:4.4.6  (Build 150116A)
    - Allowed Container control on SubForm for iphone.
Date : 18 Nov 2015
 Version: 7.4.6 (Build 181115A)
    - Provide an option to save images from the selected column for all record or Current Record.
- Store all the record images of selected columns in jpg format.

Date : 28 Oct 2015

Version: 4.4.6 (Build 281015A)
    - Added User Group feature.
    - Supported ConvertToNumber function in Macro expression.     
   - ConvertToNumber(Value, ValueType, Flag)
      Value : [ControlName], $ColumnName, Function, constant, @GlobalVariable.
      ValueType :  currently its 0- For Datetime/Date/Time value conversion.
            (we will provide different value type in future)
      Flag  : 0-TimeStamp, 1-Date, 2- Time
   - It Convert Value to Miliseconds as per flag and value Type.
     - Functions allowed in ConverToNumber function in First parameter.
     - ADDDATE()
     - ADDTIME()
     - NOW()
Date : 08 Sept 2015
Version:4.4.5 (Build 310815A)
   - Provide an option to Assign the Logos and Values to the Global Variables while adding a new user in UserManager module.

Date : 31 Aug 2015

Admin : (Build 310815A)
SyncService : (Build 280815A)

    - Resolve the problem of crash in edit form, which is assigned from different resolution form.

Date : 28 Aug 2015

Admin : (Build 280815A)
SyncService : (Build 280815A)

     - Support Text Alignment and Text Color properties for Grid Control column on Form.
     - Add Support to set filter condition to multiple users at a time in advanced filter condition.
    - Added option which will ask Assign profile, Assign Report and Assign Forms after successfully adding a new User to User Manager module, except for first user.
    - View the records in Profile user wise as per filter condition for Advance Filter Profile.

Date : 13 Aug 2015


Admin : (Build 130815A)
SyncService : (Build 130815A)

   - Added index in Users, Profiles, Forms and Reports module.
   - Resolve the problem of sort preference not retrieved after application closed or module change.
   - Show Query with normal filter with bracket condition in Edit box on profile creation dialog.
   - Speed up profile creation.
        - Support DeviceID() function for Advanced Filter Profiles.

Date : 07 Aug 2015


Admin : (Build 070815A)
SyncService : (Build 070815A)

   - Provide the option to assign different resolution forms to a device.
   - Show UserName, Department, Designation at Reset Users, Reset Profile and Reset Forms.

   - Resolve the problem of some time ODBC Error "Could not update, locked by admin user" occurred in Updating Back Sync Permission while in Add Or Remove user to profile.
Date : 29 July 2015


Admin : (Build 290715A)
SyncService : (Build 290715A)

   - Supports Partial Upgrade option.
   - Change User Settings Button Caption to Assign Profiles/Forms/Reports.
   - Resolve the problem of User Manager and Report Manager buttons controls not adjust as per resolution.
        - Resolve the problem of from assign profile, AllowAutoSyncInAutoMode flag not set properly.   

Date : 16 July 2015


Admin : (Build 160715A)
SyncService : (Build 140715A)

     - Added following Device Model and Resolution List.
      Samsung Galaxy S6
      Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
      Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
      Samsung Galaxy A7
      HTC One ME   97
      HTC One M9   58
      HTC One M9+   97
      HTC Desire 820G+
      HTC One M8s   58
      HTC One E9+   95
      HTC Desire 626
      HTC Desire 626G+
      HTC Nexus 9
      LG G4
      LG G Flex 2
      Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual
      Sony Xperia C4 Dual
      Sony Xperia Z4v
      Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet WiFi
      Sony Experia Z3+
      Xiaomi Mi Note
      Xiaomi Mi 4i
      Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
      Asus Zenfone 2
      Gionee Elife S7
      Micromax Canvas Nitro 2
      ZTE Nubia Z9 Max
      ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini
      ZTE Nubia Z9
      ZTE Blade S6
      Huawei P8
      Huawei P8 max
     - Resolve the problem of if User(s) not assigned to Form then not possible to delete that form.
     - Resolve the problem of all module Users, Profiles, Forms and Report count not displayed properly if OS Font is larger.

     - Provide the option to Reset Complete information of All Profiles from Preferences(Settings) module.
     - Resolved Issues of Trigger Profile with Normal Filter Condition with bracket not detect any changes.
     - Resolve issue of Not Null Operator is not worked with Text and Date Type Columns for Runtime Filters Profile.


Date : 13 July 2015

Admin : (Build 130715A)
SyncService : (Build 130715A)

    - Provide the option to set Dont ask confirmation flag to particular user from desktop.
    - Provide the option to set swipe on Form option (Navigate records, Disable) to particular user from Desktop.

    - Allowed Decimal values in Macros expression and Formula.
    - Allowed Decimal values in Custom Page size for Report.

Date : 03 July 2015

Admin : (Build 030715A)
SyncService : (Build 030715A)

    - Supported MD5 Macro Command.
    - Allowed Is and Like Operator With Normal and Advanced Filter Condition with Bracket.
   - Only allowed NULL and NOT NULL values with Is Operator, IS Operator is allowed with all Data Types Columns.
   - Like Operator is allowed only with Text Type columns.
   - Added Validation for Normal Filters Information for Fixed vaues and Functions.

Date : 24 June 2015

Admin : (Build 240615A)
SyncService : (Build 110615A)

     - Resolve the problem of Date Time Function Now(),Date(),Time() its allowed with Text/ Numeric Type Column

Date : 10 June 2015


   - Provide Control List for selection in Control Properties on Form and Report Designer.
   - Allow to set Font size upto 60 for all Controls on Form and Report Designer.
   - Allow to map multiple navigation buttons on Form and SubForm.
   - Maintain 3 separate Profile Type as
     0 : Normal Filter Profile (old normal profile)
     1 : Normal Filter with Bracket Profile
     2 : Advanced Filter Profile - With Value Type 0 : Fixed, 1 : Global Variable, 2 : RunTime, 3 : Function(now, date, time)
            RunTime option is hidden for now.


Date : 21 May 2015

Admin : (Build 210515A)
SyncService : (Build 210515A)

    - Provide Button for Tab Navigation (Next Tab, Previous Tab, First Tab, Last Tab) and Allowed multiple times on forms.
    - Provide Linea Content Type to text box control for Device Type iPhone and iPad.
    - Provide Property to Hide Tab Bar
    - Provide Form background image property to form control and SubForm control transperency.
    - Provide font Type "Default" to use device default font.


Date : 29 April 2015

Version: 4.4.1
Admin : (Build 290415A)
SyncService : (Build 290415A)

   a) Support Additional Properties for Button control, Button Type: (Text, Image, both(Text + Image))
      if Button type is Text or Both(Text and image)
              - Horizontal Align:(Left, Center, Right)
              - Vertical Align:(Top, Center, Bottom)   
           if Button type is Image or Both(Text and image)
              - Image Qaulity:(Normal, Streched)
              - Logo Name - (Logo Name from assigned logo list)      
           if Button type is Both(Text and image)
              - Image Position: (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Center)   
   b) Resolve some issue in installer application related to upgrade and network connectivity.

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