Author Topic: Questions About How/If this app can help my Idea  (Read 2821 times)


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Questions About How/If this app can help my Idea
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:53:08 AM »
So to start i am a graphic designer and i work for a local print shop. One of customers owns a salon and he is trying new ideas to bring in more business. Im a big smartphone/tablet fan. I currently own a Nexus Galaxy and love Android. I love rooting my phone and taking it to the max. So this customer of my is now implementing a Customer Client Card for each customer that comes in. So this customer would have a clip board and pen and fill out basic information on this card to be stored, and we designer and printed these cards already.

Now to the question, can you Database app be a solution to this Cave man approach for keeping customers on file? The idea is to hand a tablet to the customer and have them fill out the info to the best of their ability and it then sync to the in store pc database with a user friendly UI. This could be used for multiple applications and business's not just this salon. If you android app is not for this type of idea, can someone point me in the right direction. Or even point me to some good android development tutorials for beginners and or sites that would benefit my development idea. I already have a dev envirnment set up on my pc with eclipse but i have yet to learn how to develop apps. Thanx for the help :)


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Re: Questions About How/If this app can help my Idea
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 02:50:18 AM »
Yes, Cellica Database can satisfies your requirement.

Your customer can fill out the form and sync to the store PC Database.

You can design form for Tablet also.